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The "Why" to becoming a Life Designer

Becoming a Life Designer

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought all was well, and then suddenly you get a rude awakening? Imagine being a position where everyone thinks you should be thankful because your life is the prayer of another person, but you know that you are unfulfilled. Yup, that was me.

A few years ago, I was working at a car dealership, and I was making over $100k annually. At this point, you may look at the first paragraph and wonder what part of $100k per annum was making me unfulfilled. However, I was working about 14hours daily, having no personal time, no time for family, and no time for friends. Hell, I may have at some point, forgotten what it felt like to live, to live. The little things which I needed to retain peace and sanity while making money, I had no time for them.

None of this made sense, even to me, because I had planned out my life perfectly. Boy, I had a great plan for my future, and I like to think that I had worked following those dreams and aspirations. I dare say that I was pretty strategic.

My strategy was wrong.

The problem with planning is not ‘planning’ in itself; it is the idea behind the planning. Did that make sense? Let me explain. You see, my plan worked out just alright; however, the problem there was the fact that I had not aligned the initial idea to my current wants and passions. What made me tick? What made me happy? What did I want? The single fact that I did not answer these questions before setting out my strategy meant that, I had created those plans based on factors that had absolutely nothing to do with me. I had made my plans based on what I thought people needed and expected of me. I had created those plans to suit what I thought I wanted based on what people will think was acceptable. And this was the problem. I was a life planner who planned my life based on anything other than me, the owner. When I look back at those days, I let out a small chuckle.

What I should have done

I needed to connect with myself, check out my values, seek out the things that were important to me, found out what my passions were, understand me. All I had to do before creating that master plan, was align the entire plan with my life, that was the only way I could find fulfillment. However, because I did not do this, $100k a year was not enough. I was left wanting more, aching for more. I felt like I deserved more, and I was not getting it. Of course, I deserved more, and I got my more, how?

I became a Life Designer

Does this make sense? It sure sounds like I was planning my life over again, does it not? It is a little different than that. Stay with me. A life designer, instead of just planning your life, connects you to your inner-self, helps you unearth your values and passions, and then helps you plan your life this way.

This was what I did for myself. Those questions I had missed out on answering at the beginning, I

answered them eventually. And then I began to plan my life according to the answers to those questions.

This way, I was able to find more fulfillment, I got the more I wanted and deserved.

What does It mean to be a life designer?

After finding my path, I decided to help people find their paths. To break out from just planning their lives and then move on to designing their lives as well.

How do you do this?

First, you connect with yourself, to empathize with all that you are, and all that makes you, you. This process is usually challenging, because one of the hardest questions to answer may just be ‘what do you want?’ Most people cannot give a clear definition of what they want. It usually comes up vague.

Then you figure out what your challenges are. What is stopping you from getting what you want? Are you stuck in a routine that you cannot get out of? Is that it? Well once you can put a definition on your challenges, dealing with them comes easy.

And then, you begin to develop ideas in line with your wants and needs, as soon as you have figured out how to deal with your challenges. You get creative and then come up with all the ideas you can, they may sound crazy, but believe me, they will get workable eventually, or you will realize you do not like them and bin them. But first, let them all out.

Finally, you got the idea you like, you now test it. This is the way forward.

Yes, the waters will be tough, almost all waters are, but like always you will scale through.

I designed my life, and now, I want to help people do this too, to become life designers.

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