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Welcome to Life Designers University, where we get practical about guiding you to achieve the quality lifestyle that you dream of by developing an individualized approach in every aspect of your life. Our courses are focused on emotional intelligence, mindsets, and general literacy of the overall subjects you may encounter.

Our user-centric, data-driven approach specializes in designing the life of your dreams, bringing you peace, clarity, and focus to your life endeavors in several areas.

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Wes Moussignac is one of the founders, owners, and CEO of Wes Point Inc, Life Designers LLC, Credit Rental, Credit Income Funding solution and others in New York City. In addition to being a self-made serial entrepreneur, Wes is a highly sought after mentor and consultant. He is truly the personification of the American dream. A dynamic business leader with more than a decade of professional experience. Wes shares his proven strategies for financial success with individuals and corporations nationwide.


Mario L. Gonzalez Jr. is one of the founders and owners of Life Designers LLC, Credit Rental, LLC and Credit Income Funding Solutions. Mario is also the CEO and founder of Nspire Inc., a business development company that inspires individuals and provides aid in business growth & development. Nspire Inc. incorporates development processes such as marketing, web development, EIN establishment, click funnels, and landing pages, amongst many other services.

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We Pioneer the Intersection Between

Lifestyle Management & Finance Planning...

Bridging the gap between access and usage of bespoke and professional financial services. At Life Designers LLC, we do more than just lifestyle management. We are Life Designers; using credit and financial planning, we design the life you dream of, and we fulfill it together!

We believe that happiness and fulfillment are not mutually exclusive to only the elite. With the right financial tools in place and hands-on expert guidance, you too can live the life of your dreams, no matter your background.


Hi, My name is Hope Woodberry I'm been working with this company nearly 1 year now. Marlon and Donte are very Professional. My scores have gone up. Although I'm not done yet but they are really helpful. Marlon gets the job done. My credit scores are much better now they were in the 500's when I started with them as of last month my FICO score is 787 Thank you Marlon. Especially from removing my late payments.  Yes, I would recommend a friend to this company.  It's not an overnight process it takes time. But Marlon and her team removed my late mortgage payment from both accounts one more to go. 
Thanks guys - Hope

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