About Us


Welcome to Life Designers LLC, where we get practical about helping you live the quality lifestyle of your dreams by developing an individualized and personally relevant financial map for your credit repair, credit design, personal and business funding, loans, and credit lines. Our user-centric data-driven approach specializes is in designing and executing the life you dream of, bringing peace of mind and clarity to your life journey.

Life Designers was established in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs, headquartered in The Poconos, Pennsylvania with regional offices in Laguna Beach, Miami, and Atlanta. Our group dedicates their life to offering advice on the best business practices, inspiration from major personalities in business, entertainment and motivation to improve their mind and body so that our clients are in the best possible mental, physical shape to compete and reach their goals.

Life Designers offers a more individualized approach to inspiration, motivation and training by utilizing a structure that is derived by the three components needed for success which is credit, funding and investments. These components also assist the individual that is looking to meet short term goals such as an auto loan, mortgage approval, and the obtainment of loans and lines of credit.

Life Designers will help you understand and value the fact that you are empowered to control your own destiny.

Core Values
  • One-on-one Guidance

  • Tailored Services

  • World-Class Quality

  • Fast, Safe And Cost-effective

  • Competitive Rates

  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee

  • Uncompromised Privacy

Our Approach


As a financial planning and lifestyle agency, you are connected directly with a Lifestyle Manager. With absolutely no need to speak to a gazillion different advisors to guide you on your journey, you build a strong relationship and rapport with the personal Lifestyle Manager assigned to you, who pre-empts your wants and needs.

World-Class Quality

Why we’re reliable? Our standards are high and
we are uncompromising on quality. Whether it’s transforming lives into groundbreaking
and meaningful experiences or connecting brands with authentic brand partners, our
passion, agility, and professionalism shines through in our service delivery.

Tailored Service

We employ discretion and innovation when creating customized acquisition solutions for our clients. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment because every dream is unique, and so is every financial footprint.

Fast, Safe and Cost-effective

Our services deliver solutions in the shortest possible time, and always come with a safety guarantee. Our rates are fair.

Our Mission

  • To help you take control of your finances with confidence and fight back against debt and the vicious cycle of consumerism.​

  • To help you achieve true and lasting wealth through good credit, savings, and investments, so that you can live the life you dream of and afford your needs and wants.​

  • To help get your startup ideas off the launchpad.

  • To help gain access to funding and loans for your personal or your business needs.

  • To build brands and tell a compelling and engaging story about you, putting you and your business in front of billions of consumers and brand investors for an impactful and consistent user relationship.