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The Life Design Time Machine

Any transformative change rarely happens without a catalyst, Life Designers LLC, an American lifestyle management company, helps its clients to improve their financial management and mindset to help them live a financially stable life through its Life Design program. The company also offers a unique membership program for its consultancy services based on a user-centric and data-driven approach to improve its customers’ mindset. The experts at Life Designers help in reframing financial circumstances and ease the mind by improving mental resilience.

Founded in 2015 by Wesnel Moussignac, Mario Gonzalez, and Noelia Moussignac, Life Designers LLC is headquartered in The Poconos, Pennsylvania. It offers services using a structure with three components: credit, funding, and investments. The company approach is different from other companies and believes that there is a strong connection between financial well-being and human well-being. It focus on individualistic approach and offers services including credit consulting, loan obtainment, investment, funding, or branding.

Through its platform, members can get unbiased advice from experts to implement their business practices to live a better lifestyle that is strategically managed by keeping in mind all the financial aspects. Experts at Life Designers use the best strategies and experiences to shape their clients’ mindset to help them reach their goals.

Life Designers has a unique book club, Health Wealth & Good Credit, where its members can access the top five books to become successful. All its members learn to adapt to a robust mentality to live a fantastic life with high financial stability that necessitates the creation of something new and better.

In its membership plan, Life Designers LLC provides its clients with Life Design Formula & Tools, Health Wealth & Good Credit club, access to Life Designers, Consultants and network, free consultation for business plans and investments, and Financial & Business meeting representation. They offer truly an actionable advice on how to build healthy financial habits and  resilience during any unprecedented times.

Life Designers LLC makes available customized services related to credit design, loan obtainment, personal and business funding, investment and income opportunities, company incorporation, and personal and business branding. Clearly, it is making a big difference in the lives of its clients by helping them live a life with a robust mindset as well as high financial stability. 

The Life Design Time Machine is really nurturing the ability to do the work that matters.

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