Remaining Fit: Physically, Mentally, And Financially

When the word fitness is mentioned, a lot of people’s minds easily drift to physical fitness. No one can be blamed for that considering the fact that nowadays, being physically fit is assumed to come with certain vain privileges. Many people desire to be physically fit not necessarily focusing on the actual benefits but on the vainer side of it. They believe that looking better would thereby attract more attention assuming that this approval would make them feel better about themselves. There’s so much more to not just being physically fit but also being mentally and financially fit.

Fitness talks about your general wellbeing. Your general wellbeing can easily be categorized into your physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. These three aspects of your life even if you didn’t know before depend on one another to make sure that you live a fulfilled life. We’re first going to look at the importance of remaining fit in these three aspects and then how they’re important to each other.

There’s More To Physical Fitness

When you’re physically fit, you are able to complete tasks without getting tired easily. When

your body is healthy, you can get so much done without being worried about breaking down.

Maintaining physical fitness can do the following.

  • Physical Fitness: Physical fitness is known to prevent diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and can even ensure longer lives. High blood pressure is unfortunately found in 50 million people and can lead to death if not caught on time or managed properly. However, physical activity improves cardiovascular fitness which in turn reduces the possibility of cardiovascular diseases. Physical fitness can prevent and improve certain diseases like coronary heart disease which is suffered by 12.6 million persons.

  • Makes you more active: When you’re physically fit, your senses are sharp and you’re willing and able to get work done and not wear yourself out fast. Being sharp and active allows you to be more productive in different aspects.

  • Benefits your brain/mental health: Physical activity for a fact increases your heart rate which in turn delivers more oxygen to your brain. 4 Being physically fit also assures you of having a good memory and it can also prevent depression.

  • Have a healthy weight and look good: Last but certainly not the least, physical fitness is beneficial to your joints, muscles, and bones. It tones your body and prevents unhealthy fat from being stored in your body. Having a healthy weight can also ensure a longer life span and can contribute to making you look/feel good about yourself. A healthy body makes a happy person.

You can remain physically fit by exercising, eating right, and having a healthy sleeping habit.

Why Is Mental Fitness So Important

It’s no news that your mental health plays a very important role in your personal life and how you interact with people. Your mental or emotional health can influence your behavior and can determine how well you live your life. Remaining fit mentally can improve the quality of your life in many ways.

  • Having control over your emotions: It is important as a person to know how to control your emotions; anger, sadness, jealousy, etc. When you have control over your emotions, you can easily build good relationships and prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed. Uncontrolled emotions can make you overreact and make rash decisions.

  • Become a fast learner: When you’re mentally fit, you have the ability to understand better and also have a good memory. Apart from being able to comprehend things quickly, you’ll also be willing to learn new things and get better.

  • Feel good and happy about yourself: A good mental health ensures that you feel good about who you are, have confidence in your abilities and that you don’t suffer from low self -esteem. With your self-esteem intact, there’s a lower chance of suffering from anxiety and depression.

  • Keep your mind collected at all times: When your mental health is intact, it’ll be difficult for both little and big challenges to throw you off course completely. You’re able to work even when under pressure, not ruin relationships and be productive in anything you do. Your mind will be focused and ready for anything instead of having a nervous breakdown.

  • Create and maintain healthy relationships: Mental fitness helps to prevent and improve social withdrawal. 6 You would be able to interact with people properly bearing in mind that people come with different attitudes and beliefs. You would create and maintain relationships without finding the need to become someone else. You can remain mentally fit by thinking positively, reading, meditating, sleeping right, and so on.

Importance of Financial Fitness

Financial fitness easily translates to being able to provide for your personal or family needs whilst being able to conveniently afford wants. It’s important because you’d be financially independent and free from all types of debt. Being financially fit can also improve the quality of your life because when a person lacks financially, there’ll be no contentment in their life.

Financial fitness allows you to achieve the following benefits.

  • Rest of mind which prevents sicknesses: Financial fitness means that you wouldn’t need to worry about debts of any kind for bills, mortgage, health, insurance, and so on. This is because constantly worrying about your lack of finances can cause sickness. You’d then have your use your money to pay for a doctor’s appointment even when it’s limited.

  • A stable life: When you’re financially fit, you can live a comfortable life without any financial worries. You’d be able to provide for yourself and family and still secure a good future. The road to a fulfilled life would be a lot easier.

You’d be respected: When you’re financially fit, people would respect you and your

family because living in debts tend to bring shame and embarrassment.

You can be financially fit by paying bills on time, having more than one source of income,

saving, investing, and so on.

The Relationship Between Physical, Mental, And Financial Fitness

From all we’ve said concerning the importance of physical, mental, and financial fitness, it’s

quite clear the links between them.

- Physical health improves your mental health through exercises that benefit the brain and state of your mind.

- Mental fitness allows you to be more productive physically because changes first have to start from your mind.

- Financial fitness can improve your mental fitness by preventing stress, anxiety, depression, etc. caused by a financial lack.

- Physical fitness allows you to take on more tasks and be productive in your workplace thereby improving financial fitness.

- Financial fitness provides the resources to get products and services which can improve your physical and mental health like workout equipment, gym memberships, a mental health coach, books, yoga class, and so on.

We hope that this article has opened your mind to not just the importance of physical fitness

but mental and financial fitness too. In a time when you’re able to balance these three aspects

of your wellbeing, the benefits will be evident in years to come.




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