Life Designers LLC Gives Back by Offering Credit Repair to Disenfranchised Communities of America

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

The company is generously offering its $2,000 credit repair program for free to all Americans making less than $60k in annual income.

Stroudsburg, PA - Life Designers LLC is pleased to announce that it is offering a new

program for the disenfranchised communities of America. On a mission to help clients

take control of their finances with confidence, the company develops individualized and

personally relevant financial maps for credit repair. Life Designers usually provides its

credit repair program for $2000, but has made the decision to offer it for free to all

Americans making less than $60k in annual income.

Life Designers co-founder Wes Moussignac says that his company is all in with the ‘ALL

IN challenge."

“The black and brown community is at a disadvantage on all levels, especially when it

comes to credit and finances,” says Moussignac. “We want to help and have a lot to offer

with our professional expertise and resources.”

Co-founder Mario Gonzalez refers to the U.S. Census Bureau, which collects data and

publishes estimates on income and poverty in order to evaluate national economic

trends as well as to understand their impact on the well-being of households, families,

and individuals.

According to the Bureau’s statistics, the Black and Hispanic races have historically come

well below the median household income, coming in at $41,361 and $51,450, respectively.

“The numbers are shocking,” says Gonzalez. “There are so many obstacles to being a

person of color in this country, and it’s almost impossible to escape poverty, let alone

earn a steady, livable income.”

According to the latest census bureau report, Black Americans are more than twice as likely as whites or Asian Americans to live in poverty. Black Americans encounter inequalities in education, discrimination in the workplace, ineffective parenting, high incarceration rates, and more.

Although one in eight Americans are black, black Americans make up more than one-

fourth of the nation’s poor population.

“At Life Designers, we are in a position to help. We want to help level the playing field. If

you’re struggling with debt, contact us. We’ll help you get peace of mind and achieve the

life you’re dreaming of.”

About the Company

Established in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs, Life Designers is headquartered in

The Poconos, PA, with regional offices in Laguna Beach, Miami and Atlanta. Life

designers are dedicated to giving clients the very best experience in designing their

dream life, with a focus on health, wealth and good credit.

To apply click here.

Contact Information

Founder of Life Designers LLC

Wes Moussignac

(570) 216-8211

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