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How Facemasks Have Become The New Fashion Trend

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Amidst the rise of the coronavirus that has hit the world which has put fear into so many people due to how deadly it is, and face mask has been introduced as part of the preventive measures. However, whether you like it or not, face mask has become the new normal and it is going to be in vogue for as long as the virus is out there.

Furthermore, the face mask is gradually going beyond an ordinary protection mask to becoming

a fashion trend that is being adopted by many and even celebrities are not left out. Some time

ago, the face mask was worn on runways by models and they envisioned it to be the next big

fashion trend. However, they never thought it will happen so quickly, right now every country

that has eased their lockdown has made wearing a face mask very compulsory. Hence, in order

for it not to become boring and tiring, below are trending fashionable ways in which you can

wear your face mask and look stylish.

Matching outfit

With face mask as the new fashion trend, most outfits being made in recent times comes with a

matching face mask. People no longer use the disposable surgical mask, rather there is an increase in demand for matching face mask which is the new fashion. At some point, most

people were worried about their face mask being out of place from their outfit, but thanks to

clothing lines who have adopted to the world's situation and have started producing face masks that will compliment any outfit you put on. You no longer need to worry about looking

fashionable because you can now match your face mask with your outfits and go about your

daily activities looking stylish and at the same time staying safe.

Combine your face mask with your accessories

If you feel wearing a matching outfit with your face mask is a little too much, then you can match your face mask with something else. You can decide to match up your face mask with a headband and it will come out nicely because not only will you protect yourself, you will also bring out the beauty in your eye makeup. You can also use a purse that matches your face mask or even your shoes could match your face mask. Whichever way you choose to style your face mask, ensure they complement your outfit.

Color blocking

Color blocking is one that hit the fashion world some time ago and it never went out of fashion as people still do color blocking in a very beautiful way. However, you must not wear a matching outfit with your face mask, you can also go the color blocking way. As much as you want to wear contrasting colors, you should bear in mind that coordination is very important.

Choose your colors wisely and your combination shouldn't have too many contradicting colors else you will lose the real point you are trying to make. However, color blocking with your face mask will work if it is done in a sensible manner.

Basically, a face mask is not only used as protection against the coronavirus, it has now become a fashion trend and is being incorporated into many outfits. People have started combining their face mask with their accessories and complementing it with simple but classy makeup.

However, this new fashion trend has come to stay and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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