From Soldier To Entrepreneur: Here's How To Make The Transition Easier

When trying to transition from being a soldier to an entrepreneur, things can get really challenging because this has to do with your career. There are lots of military personnel who

have left the military and decide to venture into setting up their own businesses, this is actually

a brilliant idea, but a lot of them face lots of difficulties during their journey of transitioning.

However, once they successfully transition, they tend to succeed as an entrepreneur because

this ex-military personnel have an advantage which other entrepreneurs don't have, and this

happens to be their veteran community which gives them the courage they need to transition


Notwithstanding their veteran community that gives them support and advice, most ex-military

personnel still find it difficult to switch from the studious and commanding life they are used to,

to a life where things are run at their own command. However, reading further, you will realize

ways in which a soldier can easily transition to becoming an entrepreneur.

Choose a career

The first step to transitioning is choosing a career. When a soldier decides to drop his boots for

business, he should have knowledge about the kind of business he wants to venture into and

know how to go about it. He should have time to study the advantage and disadvantages of the

business, as well as the risk involved in the career path he has chosen. This is because, every

career has its own risk, but the risks should be weighed wisely to ascertain if it is worth taking

or not.

Set a clear mission

In the military, their lives revolve around setting a strategic mission that leads them to success

and this should also be applied in business. While trying to set up a small business as an

entrepreneur and which you will want it to expand in the future, you need to set your strategic

mission to be broad, then break them down bit by bit so it can be easier to achieve. In the

military, every little detail matters a lot, and so is it with an entrepreneur. Every tiny detail

matter a lot in that little business of yours hence, it is necessary to clarify your mission by

setting goals that are realistic and achievable. Have a good team to work with and if you face

any difficulty or challenges, you will need to talk to people who have succeeded in business,

also it is necessary to always monitor your business so as to ensure it is growing healthily.

Leading from the front

There is a very popular military slogan which is Leading from the front. And if it is applied to

business, it simply means setting your target, your innovation, and acquiring them. Although

most people misinterpret this slogan by meaning a leader should always be in front, but in

business, being a leader doesn't mean you have to be in front at all times, sometimes it is

important to step back a little bit and monitor the business from behind.

If you decide to lead from the front as misinterpreted, you will find yourself dwelling more on

the process management of your business thereby neglecting your duties of inspiring people to

do better. To become a good leader as a soldier who is transitioning to entrepreneurship, the

soldier can build his business around the popular military call of esprit de corps which gives

soldiers a feeling of loyalty, pride, and fellowship. Using this mantra, a soldier can successfully

become a leader of a successful business and they will instill into their team the things they

have learned from the military. The team will be a combination of talented and skilled individuals

who will ensure that they accomplish their mission successfully.

Encourage innovation while staying focused

Transitioning from a soldier to an entrepreneur simply means you have gotten a good idea for

your business, however, have it in mind that even a good idea can fail sometimes, hence, as an

entrepreneur, you should encourage yourself and your team to never give up and keep pushing

until you get that big break you yearn for. While encouraging innovation, ensure that you don't

put it before your mission. Fighting during wars as a soldier must have given you an insight on

the kind of business to get into, you might decide to involve yourself in helping people hence,

your business might revolve around the healthcare sector. Everyone loves to come up with new

ideas and unique innovations that will help create more employment opportunities and

eradicate poverty in the society, hence, an ex-soldier going into the business world has that

innovation at heart and tries to reach for the stars.

Evaluate your business risk

Identifying problems in your business and tackling it as soon as possible before it becomes a

full-blown crisis is one thing most business owners do not recognize. When this trouble starts,

you should call your team to order, have a decent conversation with them, provide the needed

resources that can be used to avert the crisis that has been foreseen. In the military, war can be

very risky and dangerous, but because they have a good reason for going to war, they evaluate

the risks involved and try to come up with ways to lessen such risk before embarking on war. A

soldier should also apply this to their business so things can be easier for them. Every business

is risky but the ability to make every abnormality normal and helping the team to challenge

every problem they encounter with all efforts is what makes a soldier succeed as an


Entrepreneurship is one thing that is filled with lots of uncertainties, failures, Stress, and

disappointment, but switching from soldier to an entrepreneur must have prepared you for the

things to expect. Soldiers always have enough drilling while in the military and they know that

whatever they face in the war front, giving up is never an option. Hence, soldiers who have

ventured into the business world know that failure is never an option for them. The above ideas

if put into action will make your journey into the world of entrepreneurs swift. However, there

are various programs and financial tools out there that can also assist you as a soldier to

successfully transition to becoming an entrepreneur.

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