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Flip Field Trip: Owning Properties Without Being Financially Burdened

Have you ever dreamed of owning a property without having to be financially burdened? Are you looking to have another property added to your list of owned properties? Then, you need to join us on this flip field trip into the world of Real Estate.

After carrying out a lot of research and visiting many properties, we have come to understand the importance of flip field trips to owning a property. Flip field trips help to add more value to the experience of house hunting and hacking, as a means to gain ownership and financial freedom.

What You Need To Know About Flip Field Trip

To enjoy the experience of flipping a field trip, there are some basic things that you must know. These basics are what will serve as a guide on this house hunting and hacking journey.

There Will Be Stories to Share

This field trip is going to have a network of prospective house owners in attendance and this means there will be a lot of stories to share. While these stories will make the house hacking a lot more interesting, it will also allow you to learn more.

Touring different houses and sharing experiences we've all had owning and trying to own properties is going to be awesome. You may not have a story to share, but you will have one to relate to.

There Will Be a Lot of Evaluation to Do

To ensure you understand and appreciate the flips, there is going to be a lot of evaluation. The evaluation here will cover the history of the property, its survey, and architectural design among others. You will also learn about the different renovation stages and processes the house has gone through. If you are new to real estate, this will afford you the opportunity of appreciating what you are getting into better.

There Will Be a Lot to Learn

The flip field trip also offers you an opportunity to learn. With real estate, owning a property, and being financially free, there is a lot to learn. It doesn't matter whether you are new or a pro at it, learning never ends. What better way is there to learn about house hacking than from a community of individuals who share similar interests?

What You Will Discover At The Flip Field Trip

There are a lot of things in the bag for you to discover when you join us on this flip field trip. You will discover the fundamentals of owning and investing in properties.

The basics of your discovery will be:

How the Property Was Acquired

You don't want to own a property that will come with a lot of challenges after purchase. To ensure this doesn't happen, you have to find out how the property was acquired. Knowledge of how the property was acquired is one of the many discoveries you will get when you join in this field trip.

The Acquisition Numbers

The acquisition numbers aid evaluation. Every property has a key number or what is sometimes referred to as the parcel number. This makes it easy to trace it and also check its record in the relevant land registry of the state. The numbers are as important as the history of the property and that's one of the things up for discovery on this trip.

Evaluating a Fix and Flip

Flip the field trip also gives you an understanding of how to evaluate a fix and flip with regards to property acquisition and investment. This is because, after every tour, we always have a brief overview of the property and real estate in general. In this discussion, we will cover what hard and soft money loans entail, as well as other means of acquiring property.

How to Join a Community of Property Investors

This journey into the world of Real Estate is not going to end with us passing our knowledge of how to get you in your first or next property alone. You are also going to learn how to join a thriving community of property investors. Being in a community of likeminded individuals guarantees security and helps to keep you updated on changes that occur.

This flip field trip is not one of those networking social events that you come across. We, at Life Designers LLC and Canvas Contractors, have put this event together for deliberate individuals who look to own a property without being financially burdened. Clear your schedule, get your clothing ready, we have a flip field trip to embark on.

Meet Us at:

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August 15th, 2020



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