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7 BS Facts About Travel Everyone Thinks Are True

What and how many travel facts have you heard before? Many, as presumed. Have you once

found them to be true or untrue? You probably never thought of that. What if you were told that

some are nothing but BS and myths, and are not true? Well, your curiosity is stirred as expected

and it’s best you discovered some 7 BS facts everyone thinks are true, including you.

1. That traveling is terribly expensive. This is likely to be the first thing you heard when

you told someone you would love to travel, right? It’s always the first concern expressed. “it’s

pure extravagance” “I don’t think I can afford it,” “the travel expenses are high.” The list is

endless and naturally, everyone believes and might never make a trip ever, forgetting that

traveling is cheaper than living in some cities like London.

No matter what you do, you still spend the money and you wouldn’t spend more if you took a

trip. This is because there are several vacation offerings designed to make you spend less like

skipping a luxury hotel or traveling by road or whatever appears convenient for you and your


You can always save up so much on trips when you assign priorities rightly. Let’s say you are

staying in a nice mid-luxury hotel, you can skip meal time there and discover some native

amazing cuisines by eating in the local restaurants away from the hotel. Alternatively, you can

look up for reservations with a minimal charge for their services.

You can also include public transport in your checklist if hotel taxis may seem a tad pricy for

you and have the rare chance of learning a bit of your host’s culture, it’s always fun learning

something new. Tuk-tuk, motorbikes, and taxis have varying fare, make sure to be aware of the

fares before agreeing to a ride.

Ensure you take advantage of the free packages like a free walking tour, freeskiing, free buffet,

and other free activities from your hotel services. Trip Advisors are good for the guides and

orientation they give but you may skip making your reservations through them if you don’t want

to spend 4x the amount. So, you see, traveling is not always expensive as portrayed.

2. The food makes one sick. It is only natural for your stomach to get a little shy when receiving

something different but not all food makes one sick. At the same time, you may get sick if you

eat poorly prepared food and that doesn’t mean, foods in 5-star hotels will not make you sick like

the street food. Or that watching the making of some street food will make you less sick either but what is helpful is abstaining from ready-made food, that way you can escape the possibility

of falling sick.

Be on the lookout for deep-fried foods if you like fried foods, you can avoid the sickness

episodes. And if you meet a queue, you are in luck of having a freshly made dish, so don’t get discouraged when meeting a long line at the food place.

If you are a newbie in that part of the world, take some time to research for the popular

restaurants and make your visit. While seeking a street food truck, stay away from food that has

sat in the sun for long, your chances of falling sick afterward are high if you take them.

Finally, keep your eyes open on the environment, if its anything far from neatness, don’t

patronize, spare yourself the horrors when you can.

3. Luxury hotels are expensive and they are worth it. Just because you are promised tons of

pampering sessions, spa, Wi-Fi, buffet, and a host of other attractions doesn’t make staying in a

5-star most enjoyable. Remember, you are away from home and it is alright to get all the comfort

you deserve as long as you have the money. But the other part of learning another’s way of life

and interacting with the locals will not be a possibility in your luxury hotel.

Now, you don’t have to feel bad if your interest is for some luxury hotel but the thing is, it

doesn’t guarantee you that fulfilling experience you crave when traveling. So, if you want to

explore, ditch the idea that luxuries and happiness are only promised when you are sleeping in a

fancy 5-star hotel suite. No, you can still have all the fun if not more when staying elsewhere and

explore the city to your heart’s content too.

4. That hitchhiking is risky as well as women travelers. While we cannot rule out how

uncertain the world and the activities of humans are since we are not yet blessed with a

technology that you see through one’s heart. This doesn’t mean everyone out there is a serial

killer despite the media narratives over time. They have been stories of good relationships that

started from a pleasant hitchhike and it is also one of the ways of learning the cultures of the


On the other vein, you can learn and practice some useful habits for the benefit of the doubt like,

taking note of the license plate, going in the company of a friend, and having an emergency

phone number.

Additionally, you may have heard disturbing tales from the media over the riskiness of women in

solo trips and probably forgot that the danger applies to both genders. Unfortunately, this

impression may have succeeded in keeping some women homebound and limiting their

potentials if possible. But you know what? That isn’t the whole truth…

If you are a woman and you feel the urge to go somewhere fun and laugh amidst creating lovely

memories, feel free to travel to heart’s satisfaction.

5. That you may not need your travel insurance. Who knows? You might just get caught in a

minor crash or some mishap from a motorbike and end with a longer time in the hospital away

from home. So, the idea of leaving behind your travel insurance isn’t pretty at all, at least your

mind should be at peace when you travel, shouldn’t it?

Even after you and your family have made all the reservations, flights, accommodations, you

shouldn’t be getting your mind worked up should anything go south on your fancy trip.

6. That overnight trains and buses are poor and not worth it. Everyone believed this and it is quite understood but that doesn’t make it true. This is because some overnight buses and trains in South America and some countries in Asia have advanced in automobiles and now flaunt a fleet

of comfortable overnight travel vehicles.

In these vehicles, you are promised the best comfort on the road from recliner seats to bed, luxury convenience for both genders, and lots more. Plus, you can save some bucks from not spending a night in your hotel when using them.

7. That traveling is dangerous, especially when you are traveling somewhere new. It’s alright to get the gooey feeling when leaving home but that doesn’t make your next destination dangerous. “everywhere is unsafe” says the media, again another half-truth but you can stay away from places that are susceptible to terrorism and other vices when you listen to your common sense.

Generally, if you need to take a trip, do some homework on the place, ask Google anything, and

practice some habits like. Keeping your expensive jewelry at home if you are traveling to low

socio-economic countries and also staying away from dark alleys at night; what you wouldn’t do

at home don’t do it there either.

Learn not to stuff your pocket inside the back of your jeans, you don’t want the sorrow stories,

do you? And make sure you stay close to your luggage when on the interstate airports. In a

nutshell, make plans to stay safe everywhere you go.

It’s beautiful knowing some of the BS travel myths you and everyone else believed and held to

them for centuries. And now, the women can make their holiday trip whenever they wish, will

remember to keep their eyes and instincts alert. You will also learn to keep your travel insurance

handy and eat with caution whenever you are away from home; not because all the meals will

make you sick but you love your health.

Summarily, staying true to your common sense is the pure truth when traveling.

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