6 Businesses Veterans Can Excel In

After months or years of active service to a country, there are jobs that can be done by a

veteran. Also, there are business programs reserved for veterans too. Veterans learn good work

abilities during their service to the country and this makes it possible for them to fit into certain

business positions comfortably. According to research done, more than 2.4 million U.S

businesses are owned by veterans which are about nine percent of all the firms in America.

Also, about 78 percent of veteran-owned businesses have made out sales of $100,000 or more

than it, while over 38 percent have made sales of half a million or more. Veterans tend to excel

in businesses, because they see themselves as leaders, not bosses, they are creative with

problems, they have high-stress tolerance, self-motivated, they are disciplined, adaptive

dedicated and the is why the transition from a military officer to civil officers can be tough on

them some time but they always find a way to overcome it.

Due to their leadership skills and ability to handle teamwork successfully, veterans do go good

in self-owned businesses. They also serve as an important engine for economic growth. There

are free programs designed to help veterans do good as entrepreneurs, they include:

- Boots to Business

- Reboot


- VetFran

- Veteran Business Outreach Centers (VBOCs)

- Veteran Institute of Procurement

- Entrepreneurship Bootcamp For Veterans (EBV)

- Bunker Labs

- National Veterans Entrepreneurship Program (VEP)

- Patriot Boot Camp

- Vet First Verification Program

In order to start up a business as an entrepreneur under the veteran service, the following

things are to be asked and kept in mind.

1. Serve a purpose: It is one thing to want to start a business and it is another to know the need

of the people you are about to solve a problem for with your services. For a start-up business, it

is best to ask around your local community concerning the purpose you want to serve. When

you've figured out the problem you are serving for them, then you can take the next step.

2. Create a business plan: You will need a loan to start your business if you personally do not

have a lot of personal funds. Investors and banks would ask to see your business plan and you

would have one drafted. It should include an overview summary of the business you want to

run, your company's goals, market analysis, product or service development and your financial projections.

3. Take advice from professionals: So many counseling and mentorship programs have been

set up for start-up businesses involving veterans. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs,

Bunker Labs, Veteran, etc are good resources for a startup business.

4. Apply for veteran business funding: As a veteran, you stand a better chance at getting a loan

with specialty lenders, credit card unions, and banks. With your status, you can also advantage

of investment programs that are run by military members.

Veterans do well in entrepreneurship especially when they have had longer field service.

1. LAW ENFORCEMENT: Veteran possess a high level of discipline, integrity, and personal

responsibility and this helps them excel as law enforcement officers. They also have a desire to

serve others as their culture is to ”protect and serve” which is also the work of the police officer.

The law enforcement work would be familiar to a veteran as they serve almost the same

purpose to the society and already have the necessary training required of a police officer. The

veteran can get to either be a dog handler or a detective in the law enforcement field.

2. TRUCK DRIVERS: As a military officer, they are trained to be aware of their environment and

this held veterans that go into truck driving. They are never caught off guard and because the

lives of others are important to them, they take extra care while driving on the road. They also

have mental stamina from all the training during their months in service, this makes it hard for

them to lose focus even in traffic or behind the wheels.

3. RETAIL SHOP OWNERSHIP: You can focus on selling products with military themes.

Owning a retail shop can be productive for a veteran who has skills in supply chain

management, marketing, and sales. People also get drawn to patronize shops owned by a

veteran as a way of giving back for their services towards the nation. It is okay to thank a

veteran when you see one but it's best to invest in them by buying from their shops. Have you tried a veteran vendor before?

4. SPECIAL EVENTS SECURITY: Concerts and private shows involve the need for security and

as a trained veteran, you can start up your own security services. Music shows can go from

slow to chaotic in no time if there isn't a proper security team taking care of the event. With a military background, you stand more chances to excel better in this, and also you can recruit and

train people to join your security team.

5. SELF DEFENSE TRAINING: Everyone cares about their security and most people don't mind spending a few dollars learning some self-defense hacks. The self-defense training business goes from holding classes for people interested in learning basic combat skills to selling alarm security systems to people who need them in their homes. You can also train security guards or even celebrities. Your potential clients would know you are skilled in this and it will be a good business idea to venture into.

6. FITNESS CENTERS: As trained military personnel, you would know how to keep not just

yourself but your potential client in shape. For fitness lovers, they would rather reach out to

someone with a good fitness regime, and knowing you are military trained, leaves you as the

best sort option. You can offer challenging work out sessions that would give your customers

the desired body they want.

Society loves to work with veterans as everyone knows how trustworthy they can be. As a

veteran, going into the above-mentioned businesses is a good start and as a citizen, patronizing

a veteran is a perfect way of giving back to society, one dollar at a time.

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