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Bad Debt, Bad Credit, Financial Bondage! Need a Way Out?

You belong here at Life Designers University.

This is your ONE opportunity to Design your life beyond just living

Learn from our global entrepreneur’s network, financial thinkers, doers, investment moguls, and professional debt repair teams.

Who Is This For?

For everyone, if you desire financial stability, freedom, and constant income, this is the only opportunity you have to make it better. Whether you are a business leader or a stay-at-home mom, our courses are lifelines you need to forge ahead in the crowd.

Developed by men and women in the system, Life Designer is unlike any other platform you have seen. We can guarantee a confidence booster by the time you pass through the Life Designers University.

What is Life Designers University?

Whether you heard about it from friends or loved ones or perhaps saw the ads listing our courses and programs, do you know what Life Designers University is about?

No, we are not sending you back to regular school but on a time machine journey to restore, repair, and revive your finances.

Did we just prick your attention? We all need money. Is that your dream too?

We have proven and practical answers to help you make money and live the lifestyle of your dreams.
Unlike traditional universities, LDU is an online program consisting of 10 life-changing that embodies real-life lifestyle management content to redirect your financial mindset into abundance.

Where do you start from?

Well, you start the course with our instructors. They are professional instructors that have created their success through business ownership, entrepreneurship, and multiple wealth-generating investments.
YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS with the Life Design team.

Why LDU?

According to 2021 American Debt Statistics, 80% of the population is in debt.
Unlike most conventional universities where students start in the red, our students enroll in LDU to learn and apply newfound skills in real-life circumstances, starting them in the green. All courses are available online and enable our professionals to deliver information that can be used wherever you are.
Are you among the statistics? Get out now with Life Designers University by Life Designers.
Our program will rescue you from the rigors of life's financial stress into financial freedom and independence.
This is the chance to design your life beyond just living.


Our Products

Our students have access to two of our books, namely:

  • Health, Wealth & Good Credit (credit Design Secrets e-book)

  • Life Design Time Machine handbook and concept

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About the Health, Wealth & Good Credit

This product is one of the best yet. It attempted to create a correlation between health, wealth, and good credit. Like all Life Designers' ideas, it solves the problem people face with their health during a financial crisis.
The book will teach you how to eat well, think right, build wealth and repair your bad credit while at it using practical examples and strategies.

About the Life Design Time Machine and Concept

This is also one of our books, it is birthed to solve the daily troubles people face with making proper financial decisions that grow them and their finances.
The Life Design Time Machine addresses crucial topics like bad credits, money, business, entrepreneurship, mental and emotional health, and more.

Compiled to boost efficient financial understanding and allow people to manage their financial situation, we have gone ahead to start the Life Designers University to help thousands take over the opportunities present by the skills they learn here.

By contrast, the Life Designers University aims to expand human possibilities in the business ecosystem. We use proven methods to build the proper mindset. This is significant to eliminate financial decadence and ensure financial independence.

These are two incredible, ground-breaking techniques and practical steps to clean your closet out and start afresh into a new financially stable life. 

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What you will learn

The Life Design package is an insight into proven coaching methodology tried and tested to get you from your imagination into reality. This includes:

  • Free Credit Repair & Design – to help you clean and organize your or a loved one’s credit report

  • A 22 page Life Design Handbook – How to escape and accelerate the harsh journey of achieving financial success

  • 10 LDU courses: Designed to educate our students on credit, financial literary, and business 

  • And how to stay emotionally and mentally stable during the journey

Our courses center on:

  • Business acumen Entrepreneurship

  • Managing Personal finances

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting

  • How money works

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Emotionally intelligence at work

  • Stress management

  • Networking

  • Time management


Life Designers Merch

We have learned over the years that some people need a platform to bring their best foot forward. Our community is all about transformation and building tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.
Are your marketing skills top-notch? Can you sell anything but need help knowing your strengths?
We have the perfect merch team to teach you the ropes and help you get started with your merch startup. 

Why Life Designers Merch

With our experience and expertise, our merch solution is based on developing strategies and tactics to enable our clients to get the best out of our management and consulting team. Our uncompromising emphasis on success and results drives us to exceed the client’s expectation of living life beyond just living.

And that is not all?

With our team, you will benefit from the following:

  • Repair your bad credit and redesign a better way to build a strong financial for the future

  • Build lasting wealth-generating routes through effective saving and investments

  • Help you fine-tune your business idea and source the finances to start it

  • Help you brand or re-brand your business to capture the desired market

Do you have a sellable idea? We have the tools to make it successful.


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Membership fees

The entire Life Design package $2,997.
We have a smaller package too.

If you are a member of the Life Designers community, join the Basic Life Design package for $997 ($25.95/month).

The Basic plan contains:

  • Credit & financial coaching and five courses

  • Business acumen

  • Managing personal finances

  • Emotional intelligence

  • How money works

But that is not all.

Entrepreneurs on Deck Speed Networking

Networking is the way forward in today’s world, and who is in your circle matters a lot.
You need a business before you can network, so how do you start?
Join us on the entrepreneurs on deck speed networking.

About Entrepreneurs on deck speed networking

Get all the information you need to start your business on a solid foundation. The Entrepreneurs on deck is our business department that caters to business incorporation, drafting business plans, business credit, branding trademark, sales funnel, website, appointments and follow-up software, and more.
Networking is the backbone of any successful business. Whether you like it or not, it is significant that upcoming entrepreneurs leverage this foundation to grow and own a piece of the market.
Life Designers Entrepreneurs are everywhere and ready to take your business and idea to the next stage through the appropriate channels.
Do you want to live the lifestyle of your dreams or grow a global business with the right team? 


Benefits of our entrepreneurs on deck speed networking


  • Meet the ‘who-is-who in the industry

  • Learn directly from the best in your niche

  • Associated with like-minds and grow your business

  • Do you know that we will come into your location and promote your business through our network?

We got your back till the end.
Join our podcast and listen to entrepreneurs tell their stories and bring awareness to their brands.
Join us every second TUESDAY of the month for the speed networking event.

Our Podcast 

If you want to have a piece of Life Designers educational content or join the entrepreneurs on deck podcast, you can do that too.