Mario L. Gonzalez Jr.


Mario L. Gonzalez Jr.


Mario L. Gonzalez Jr. is one of the owners and founders of Life Designers LLC, Credit Rental, LLC and Credit Income Funding Solutions. Mario is also the CEO and founder of Nspire Inc., a business development company that inspires individuals and provides aid in business growth & development. Nspire Inc. incorporates development processes such as marketing, web development, EIN establishment, click funnels, and landing pages, amongst many other services.

Born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Mario grew up with his mother, father, older sister and younger brother. At age 15, entering his senior year of high school, Mario’s parents purchased a home and moved to East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania in the Poconos. There, he graduated from Stroudsburg High School and immediately enlisted with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.
During his 6 years of service with the Army, Mario served 15 months as a military police officer in Baghdad Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He returned from the war a decorated veteran and began attending college at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania where he would go on to graduate and receive a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice & Sociology. Shortly after graduating, Mario began his law enforcement career as a Federal Police Officer with the Department of Defense and later moved to Virginia Beach, VA to further it.

After falling on some financial hard times in Virginia, Mario’s goals and passion to inspire, educate, and guide people, led him back up north to New York City where he began working in a luxury condominium in midtown Manhattan. Determined to never allow anyone to go through the financial struggles he faced, he was able to create meaningful relationships with a wide variety of successful entrepreneurs living in his building who were involved in real estate, finance, entertainment and investing, to name a few. These new associates later became his mentors and inspired Mario right into business ownership. He was on track to helping people on their journey to living a fulfilling quality of life.
Now, having worked as a financial consultant and business owner for over six years, he has worked with numerous clients across various industries, offering informed knowledge to solve their financial problems. With a degree in Criminal Justice & Sociology, he is dedicated to using his wealth of knowledge to serve individuals and finds it rewarding to be given such privilege.

Mario’s time in the Military has left him with an “attention to detail” mindset, a quality he applies to his work ethic & everyday life. His current career role also allows him the same opportunity to rescue people, this time from challenging situations, regardless of their background.
He now works with all types of individuals – business owners, families, and entrepreneurs. His main desire is to create financially buoyant situations for his clients. To do this, he gains clarity in understanding the difference between “wants” and “needs.”
Starting with credit repair & design, Mario continuously works closely with them, getting a detailed overview of their current situation and suggests a personalized and practical strategy for their financial security. For him, these clients must receive value and the utmost satisfaction during the entire process. Mario strives to create an environment where they can be open-minded and not feel judged along the way.

With years of experience of interacting and working with others, he has learned to be relatable, patient, and reliable. He meticulously employs these qualities in his work with clients. Furthermore, Mario takes great interest in guiding them through every difficult part of their journey. He sets the standard extremely high with the intention of having his followers strive way beyond their expectations.
In 2019, Mario challenged himself and completed the New York City 26.2 mile marathon. When asked what inspired him to participate in such a grueling race, his answer was simple; “I MUST BE THE STANDARD!”
Mario is a loving father to his daughter Camille and son Chance and is supported by his most loving wife Stephanie. His determination in being a positive role model fuels his passion to inspire those around him.
To Mario, being a consultant and business owner is extremely rewarding and mostly broadens his analytical thinking. He takes extreme pride in his work and always places the success of his clients and family at the top of his priority list.

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