Multiple Streams Group


Multiple Streams Group Concept

Multiple Streams Group by Life Designers is a group of business minded individuals looking to create a financial foundation for themselves. Each of our members started a business to become financially independent, having this in common, we got together to help achieve our goals.


Like partners, we track progress from business to business by following set structures that we have formed from intense research on how to build a wealth creation formula.


Are Multiple Income Streams Important?

Why just working will never allow you to become financially independent?

Does a job make you financially independent?

Are you afraid of losing your job?


If you do not have the courage to lose your job, you are not going to make great progress or become wealthy in your life. You have probably heard, "Time is money." At work, you spend at least 40 hours a week focusing on someone else's dream. The company you work for is in charge of your time. You can never become financially independent by working for others. You are responsible for too many bosses. High competition makes it difficult to get a job. No job security means that you can be fired at any given time.