Business Development

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Business Development

Loan Obtainment

Need an auto loan or a home loan, or any kind of loan?
Getting funding via a loaning facility can be a pretty complicated matter with a lot of paperwork involved. 
Life Designers LLC has a thorough knowledge of and vast experience in the loans and credit markets, and we are quite competent in assisting you in securing that much-needed loan.
Let us act as your intermediary for your loan financings, overseeing the coordination between lenders and borrowers, averting potential conflicts of interest, and managing cash flow to control costs...among many other ancillary loan-related services we provide.
Need to maintain a constant flow of cash in keeping with recurring expenditure or unforeseen circumstances or unexpected expansion and growth opportunities as an individual or business entity? 
Our financial experts can assist you in reaching your financial goals by helping you gain speedy access to funding when needed. We source the best bank secured revolving lines of credit to meet your specific needs. 
All solutions are tailored on a standalone basis to cater to your specific needs. 
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Personal & Business Funding

Your creditworthiness determines your ability to access funding for your small or medium scale business. 
Our experts can help you get through with as minimal paperwork as possible, guiding you through your proposals and project pitches, and also ensuring that your company is eligible for that funding.
Bootstrapping for funding? No worries! Your dedicated Life Designers manager can bring balance to your personal and business finances, and ensure that neither one has to run amuck for the other to survive. 
Speak to our expert consultants and get funding in as fast as within one business day!
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Investment & Income Opportunities

And who doesn’t need some extra sustainable income on the side or some additional capital? Investment is valuable in that it adds to your income by earning returns.
Do you have savings? It is detrimental to your dream life if you consume all you earn and do not have some of it tucked away as retained profit for the purpose of investment.
Or do you have savings but aren’t quite sure about what investment opportunities are available to you?
Whatever strata of society you belong to, whatever your dream life might be, our financial managers at Life Designers LLC are made up of the most devoted and versed investment advisers with your best interests at heart.
We know where to put your money, and when. From our understanding of your financial situation, we source for investment opportunities in multiple markets for multiple income streams (including real estate) and provide historical and statistical data as well as analyses and reports on market trends to help guide your choice of which securities to invest in.
So go ahead, take that bold step towards true and lasting financial independence now!
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Company Incorporation 

Launch your startup with ease! Get incorporated and partake of the benefits that incorporated businesses enjoy. Give your business a separate legal identity and professional image as well as a perpetual existence by using our bespoke company incorporation services.
From legal documents to corporation naming, from formation to situation, from EIN (Employer Identification Number) to bank accounts, and from expert guidance to emotional support, we are uniquely positioned to make every phase of the company incorporation process simple and quick.
You do your job. We’ll handle everything else!
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Personal & Business Branding

Richard Branson is a name, a personal brand. Virgin Airlines is a company, a business brand.  
Branding in itself is an investment, an investment in your own goals.
What would you want to be known by? What would you want your company to be known by? Or do you want to let your work do the talking while you evade the spotlight?

Whether you wish to develop a personal brand or a business brand, or if like Richard Branson you wish to develop both types of brands, you’re welcome! Life Designers LLC branding experts have got you covered.
Our designers and strategists creatively present your brand in the most professional, educative, and entertaining way possible. Our branding services include: 
•    Brand Identity Design (including Web Design, Logo Design)
•    Digital Marketing (which will include click funnels to generate sales)
•    Brand Audit: This is a thorough examination of a brand's current position in the market compared to its competitors and a review of its effectiveness. It helps you determine the strength of your brand together with its weaknesses or inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement and new developments)
•    Brand positioning and social media presence;
•    Naming
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