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The Two Ultimate Questions

What do you want in life?
What are you doing now to live on that premise?

A life filled with incessant toil and devoid of peak experiences and treasured memories is not an ideal lifestyle and is not what anyone desires. And yet, the definition of "ideal" is different for everyone and unique to every single client we ever meet.

Whatever your goal in life or business may be, Life Designers LLC is that one-stop solution for your lifestyle design and financial management needs. 

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Life Designer Membership

Our Members have UNLIMITED access to:
  • Life Designers Member Manual: Our Life Design Formula & Tools We Use to Create the Lifestyle of Choice

  • The Health Wealth and Good Credit e-Book.

  • Access to Life Designers Consultants and our network of Entertainers, Athletes, In-house Investors, Mortgage Brokers & Lenders, In-house Auto Dealers, and other Small-Business Owners.

  • Free consultations for any small-business planning and alternate investment.

  • Financial & Business meeting representation, in support of any business interest, coaching you through business strategies to minimize risk & execute success!

Customize your Package from our Areas of Expertise and Services:
  • Credit Consulting

  • Credit Building

  • Company Incorporation

  • Loan Obtainment

  • Funding for Personal and Business Plans

  • Investment and Income Opportunities

  • Business Development: Personal and Business Branding

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Marketing Programs

Earn From Our Marketing Programs:
 Affiliate & Franchise Marketing

“Have you heard about such and such?” “No, what's that about ?” A gazillion further conversations like this can happen in the next hour. In fact, they occur as adverts while you browse the web. Word gets around fast, and a referral program would boost our business, but you can also make money from our program.

To have successful marketing, one requires good teamwork — tell someone to tell another person. So we have come up with amazing packages to help you assist us. Our program involves referral and franchise systems with mouthwatering commissions. 


These Marketing programs we have conjured which will benefit every participant is inline with our mission as “Life Designers” to help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

There are two programs: the Affiliate and the Franchise program.

We hope that you will join in on any of our marketing packages that suit you and start making the money you deserve.

Affiliate Program

This program that allows you to refer our business for profit starts with a fee of $100 and $25.95 monthly. For every sale, affiliates will earn at 20% commission. Affiliate funding deals are at 7% commission of the 9% -15% LD Success Fee.

Franchise Program

You can also join our franchise program with a start-up fee of $500, and $125.95 monthly payments. There are three tiers of the franchise program.

Partner: This package can feature one to ten members, and there is a fixed 30% commission on sales. 

Senior Partner: This is an upgrade to the mere partner package where you will 10% more at a 40% commission rate.

Elite Partner: An Elite partner tier will consist of fifty members earning 50% on sales.

Franchise Marketing funding deals are at 20% commission of the 9% - 15% LD Success Fee.

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Our Referral Program

A New Referral Program that lets you earn as you refer

There are several opportunities out there for you to make money. However, the limitation has always been trusting. Individuals find it very difficult to trust several platforms and initiatives that can help them make money. Understanding this, we have put together a program that offers you good money-making opportunities. This program of ours is a referral program with commission breakdowns.

Unlike many other referral programs, we have ensured this is more secure, flexible, and most importantly, more profitable for you. With this program, you earn a percentage on every referral that you make. A downline is created that ensures you keep earning. The fact that you don't just earn once, but constantly as your downline keeps increasing is what makes this program outstanding. Aside from the commission you earn, this program stands out in several other ways and they include:

High Level of Transparency

We understand that with referral programs, you don't always want to feel like you are being bribed. So, we have designed this referral program in such a way that you feel more like a stakeholder. We have made the terms and conditions for participation very simple and readily available for you to go through.

The Reward Program Is Easy

Signing up for the program is very simple. The criteria for joining and benefiting from the program is also very easy to understand. Every amount earned from a referral is accessible as soon as you acquire them.

We Keep You Updated

As soon as you sign up for this referral program, you become a part of our community. That means you are updated with every development that happens concerning the program. We will have you added up to our email list where you will receive newsletters from us from time to time.

If you have been looking for a means to make money on referrals, then this referral program is best for you. You don't have to worry about your funds – simply put, the more you refer, the more you earn!

You Benefit from our
Areas of Expertise & Services

Our Prices Vary based on each Member's goals. On Becoming a Member, during your induction, we will discuss your path to success and pricing.

Credit Consulting

Loan Obtainment

Personal & Business Funding

Investment and  Income Opportunities

Companies Incorporation

Personal and Business Branding